Sexual and Reproductive Health in the Era of TikTok (Part 1 & 2)


Dr Suzanne Pearson

Dr Suzanne Pearson is a GP with an interest in sexual & reproductive health and education. Suzanne is currently a Senior Medical Educator at FPV, where she co-ordinates the Doctors’ Certificate course in sexual and reproductive health. In 2013 Suzanne authored the RACGP publication Check on “Sexuality and Sexual Health”.

Larissa Hudson

Larissa is an educator and sexual and reproductive health nurse at Sexual Health Victoria. She has a Bachelor of Nursing from Deakin University, a postgraduate studies at both the University of Melbourne and universities in the UK. Her experiences span youth and adult education, digital learning, critical care, adolescent health, community health and sexual and reproductive health.

Facilitated by:

Dr Bianca Forrester has lived and worked in the Geelong community for 15 years. She is a senior lecturer in Primary Care at the University of Melbourne and is also a lecturer at Deakin’s School of Medicine. In addition to her clinical work, she runs several communities of practice on issues including COVID care, family violence and youth mental health.

Part 1

This webinar was recorded on 30 August 2023.

We’re living in rapidly changing times. The rise of TikTok over the past few years has really changed the conversations that teens have been having with experts, influencers and one another. I’m sure they are more informed, misinformed and exposed to more than perhaps any other point in time. While for some, this channel may represent an open door to information and experience that has supported their coming of age, for others, the algorithms that serve up their viewing content have perhaps left them feeling like that crimson-caped child of the fairytales who wishes they never strayed into the woods and stuck to the well trodden path. But whatever world our young people are now operating and receiving sexual and reproductive health information or misinformation…it’s perhaps time that we got better acquainted with this medium and sharpened our wits to whether it is grandmother or a wolf in grandmother’s clothes.

Part 2

This webinar was recorded on 13 September 2023.