The wicked problem of vaping in teens: How can GPs and nurses help?


Dr Moya Vandeleur

Dr Moya Vandeleur is a respiratory specialist at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Facilitated by:

Dr Bianca Forrester, has lived and worked in the Geelong community for 15 years. She is a senior lecturer in Primary Care at the University of Melbourne and is also a lecturer at Deakin’s School of Medicine. In addition to her clinical work, she runs several communities of practice on issues including COVID care, family violence and youth mental health.

While we were all distracted by the chaos of the pandemic crisis, the issue of vaping crept into the lives of our teens. Perhaps it was hiding in plain sight, as I’m sure we’ll hear this morning, dressed as an important public health intervention to assist adult smokers to quit tobacco or maybe we got fooled by the smoke and mirrors effect of that innocuous-seeming strawberry-smelling vapour, and didn’t realise how highly addictive this would be for teens. Either way, it’s a complex or wicked problem that we are perhaps all now facing and feeling ill-equipped to deal with. What works in teens? How can we provide early intervention before hard habits set in? What can we do in practice to support young people now and into the future? 

This webinar was recorded on 16 August 2023.