Social and Emotional Framework

Topic: The Aboriginal Social and Emotional Wellbeing Framework: Deepening our understanding of social determinants of health

Speaker: Tania Dalton, Psychologist, Wathurong and Gunditjmara woman, Chair of the Australian Indigenous Psychologists Association(AIPA)

Tania is AIPA’s long-standing Cultural Competence Coordinator and a Lead Facilitator for AIPA’s Cultural Competence workshops.

  • Deepening understanding of social determinants of health
  • Connection to culture and country as a protective factor and how to implement this principle in practice
  • The role of social, historical determinants and trauma in mental health
  • Engaging social resources in care

GPs and nurses working with indigenous students in schools are aware of the impact of social isolation upon teens. This is particularly important for Indigenous Australians, for whom connection to family and community is crucial to mental health and wellbeing. The issues facing Indigenous young people in regards to racism and discrimination have always been there but the #BlackLivesMatter protests have brought these issues to the front and centre in the media. It is critical to have awareness of the broader issues that will impact upon our communities and what the priorities are for young people right now.

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Recommended resources:

Working Together: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Graham Gee, Pat Dudgeon, Clinton Schultz, Amanda Hart and Kerrie Kelly

The K5

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Newly launched and recommended helplines:

1800959563 Victorian Aboriginal Health Service (VAHS) yarning hotline 7 days a week 

1800 435 799 Dardi Munwurro mens and boys counselling (for boys who might not identify male supports in their life and want to speak to another Aboriginal male)

Please note: The first 15 minutes of the didactic presentation will be recorded for sharing after the webinar. In respect of the privacy of participants and the confidentiality of patients, the interactive discussion will not be made available after the session.