Suicide Risk Assessment

The reflective webinar series aims to bring together multiple elements of the training program to deepen understanding of the core competencies required in working with adolescents and high risk young people.

We recommend that participants listen to the podcast prior to this session.

The didactic presentation at the beginning of this session built upon the content and themes covered in the podcast

Session Aims:

  • Build skills in recognising and responding to risk factors
  • Discuss how to gather the relevant information and interpret it in context and over time.
  • Discuss the development and documentation of a safety plan involving parents and carers, other professional supports and referrals (as appropriate/indicated).
  • Learn about the boundaries of confidentiality and our duty of care as health professionals and develop skills in breaking confidentiality where necessary so as to ensure family engagement where appropriate.
  • Develop an understanding of how to speak with families, build skills in accessing after hours supports and consider accessible advice for clinicians and families when needed.

This event has passed, but you can catch up on some on some of the content presented.

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Please note: The didactic presentation was recorded for sharing after the webinar. In respect of the privacy of participants and the confidentiality of patients, the interactive discussion will not be made available after the session.