Lunch and Learn Sessions

Lunch and learn networking sessions are designed to bring together DiSS GPs and nurses with school staff to discuss school based health services and opportunities for collaboration.

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Each session, participants will build upon their knowledge of priority populations and develop skills in recognising health and social care needs.

  • Clinicians will have the opportunity to learn from school staff and education specialists about services within schools and how schools can support growth and development.
  • School staff will learn from clinicians and health experts about best practice health care and opportunities for service provision through school based and affiliated health services. 

In 2022 we’ll be talking about supporting Kids in out-of-home care.

Learning outcomes for the 2 sessions

  • Understand this group of young people as a priority group for health and wellbeing intervention
  • Describe trauma informed care in the school context within school and health service settings
  • Understand their health and social care needs 
  • Consider barriers to service access and opportunities for bridging the gap
  • Consider our diverse roles in supporting young people to access health and education comprehensive assessments and management planning
  • Discuss the value of setting goals and working with supports
  • Identify opportunities to collaborate with school staff to support health, wellbeing, school attendance and performance
  • Consider our roles in social prescribing and in supporting social transition planning

Come and join our first session:

Wednesday 17th August 1-2pm, online

Wednesday 16th November 1-2pm, online

While the formal session concludes at 2pm, feel free to stick around afterwards for a discussion about regional health pathways, with your colleagues and the PHN practice facilitation teams.

Guest speakers for Term 3 and 4, 2022

Dr Karen McLean is a paediatrician and researcher in Policy and Equity at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and at the Centre for Community Child Health at The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne. Karen has extensive experience pragmatically reviewing evidence to inform child health policy, and she has worked clinically with children in out-of-home care for almost a decade. This led to her doctoral research that focused on understanding how children entering care in Victoria are having their health needs assessed and addressed, and identifying barriers and enablers to appropriate healthcare. Her current research focuses on the interface between the health and child protection systems, and seeks to improve health outcomes for children and young people living with adversity.  Dr Susan Webster is a Health Policy and Systems Researcher interested in how health services in Australia respond to the special health care needs of children and young people who have experienced childhood abuse or neglect. Her postgraduate research examined the experiences of general practitioners, paediatricians, psychiatrists and allied health professionals. Other key interests include ongoing analyses of available research on the health needs of this paediatric population and conceptual models of child health in relation to whether these help or hinder health service quality. Over the past 7 years Susan has worked closely in knowledge translation activities with stakeholders from child protection and out-of-home care services in Victoria. In 2019 Susan and a team of researchers from the Department of General Practice conducted a state-wide consultation around essential components of a prospective Victorian government strategy to enhance health service delivery for children and young people in out-of-home care.Ms Marise Boff Executive Principal for the Lookout centre, DET North Western Victoria Region LOOKOUT Education Support Centres are designed to boost the capability of early childhood services, schools, carers, child protection practitioners and out-of-home care services to improve educational outcomes for children and young people living in out-of-home care.

Who is this event for?


Practice nurses

School nurses

Student wellbeing officers

Mental Health Practitioners

School counsellors

KESO officers

Disability inclusion officers

Wellbeing leadership team

Registrations are recommended to enable planning, calendar reminders and to receive the slide deck and notes following sessions

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Continuing Professional Development

Statements of attendance provided to attendees for CPD purposes.

[Links to watch the presentations from 17 Aug 2022 and 16 Nov 2022]