Session 2- Opening the cereal box of Brief Interventions

Come along to our second breakfast session to open the box of brief interventions that support young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

SESSION 2- Opening the cereal box of brief interventions
Speaker: Desirée Smith, Mental Health Nurses and workforce development lead, Orygen
Understanding the place of brief interventions in practice
Discussing the value of shared decision making in management planning
Describe behavioural activation as a brief intervention
Consider the applicability of brief interventions in primary mental health care


Desirée Smith is a registered nurse with 26 years’ experience working in the mental health field in both clinical and education roles. Desireé is employed by Orygen as a clinical educator and is the project lead for the brief intervention toolkit. Desirée is committed to capacity building clinicians to provide evidenced based practice and make sustainable sector change for better outcomes for service uses.

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Desiree discusses the following resources: 

The Brief Intervention Toolkit (BIT)

The headspace interactive activities: