The Maze Phase- Adolescent Mental Health Series

A podcast for primary care professionals working with teens navigating life and the healthcare system. 

The Maze Phase is a long form podcast series produced GPs and nurses working in secondary school health services and Youth interested/specialising GPs and nurses. It also connects with school based providers, teachers and parents as many of the issues are relatable across these groups.

In this series, GP, Bianca Forrester, speaks with experts in the field of adolescent health and social care. Engagement, development and common problems.

Youth Friendly Care

 Youth Friendly Care hosts past DiSS events produced in podcast form for busy clinicians who want to catch up on content or review what they’ve learned in sessions on the go.

In this series, GP Bianca Forrester works with specialist subject matter experts to develop bite sized webinars relevant to primary care.


 -by MCRI

Professor Harriet Hiscock and Associate Professor Emma Sciberras help you identify sleeping problems in your children, from infancy to secondary school, and give you easy to understand steps to improve their sleep cycles and overall health. Covering the importance of sleep at each development stage and whether you should be concerned about more common issues like snoring and sleep apnoea as well as looking into more specialised areas like sleep among children with ADHD or autism.