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Foundation House

Foundation House produces a range of publications and resources that aim to share expertise and advance the health, wellbeing and human rights of people from refugee backgrounds who have experienced torture and trauma.
The Integrated Trauma Recovery Service Model provides an excellent overview Foundation House’s approach to working with and for survivors of torture and other traumatic events who come from refugee backgrounds. It could serve as a guide to GPs and nurses seeking to adopt safe and trauma informed language into practice and to develop an understanding of recovery goals overtime.
 The Foundation House Professional and Organisational Development Program provides a range of opportunities for professionals, volunteers and community members to develop their skills and knowledge in working with survivors of torture and trauma who are from refugee background, including those seeking asylum.
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The Royal Children’s Hospital: Immigrant health service referrals and resources

Visit the website for the immigrant health service, which is part of the Department of General Paediatrics at the Royal Children’s Hospital. Here you will find referrals and contact details and resources including:
General resources and links
Documentation and referral forms
Translated health information

The Immigrant health clinic is run at the green desk outpatients on Monday afternoon between 1:30-5:30 pm. It provides a multidisciplinary assessment service for recently arrived children of a refugee background.


Monash Health: Refugee Health & Wellbeing

Monash Health – Refugee Health & Wellbeing (Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm)

Monash Health – Refugee Health & Wellbeing is for people with ‘complex health needs’ including those who have a number of health issues and those health is not well managed or getting worse. The clinic can also see people who do not have access to Medicare.

At the clinic you can get free help from:

  • Doctors (GP’s)
  • Refugee Health Nurses
  • Other Health workers, including counsellors and physiotherapist.

Interpreters are used for all appointments.

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