Series 3: Session 4 Project ECHO Adolescent Mental Health

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Sleep in teens

In this session we’ll be speaking about one of the most common issues in teens- sleep.

  • How to recognise sleep issues in teens
  • Understanding common underlying issues
  • Important aspects of history taking and assessment
  • The basics of management
  • When referral to specialists might be required

At this session:

Presenter: Dr Harriet Hiscock, Paediatrician Royal Children’s Hospital and Researcher MCRI Professor Hiscock is a consultant paediatrician and National Health and Medical Research Council Practitioner Fellow. She is Associate Director, Research at the Centre for Community Child Health, Director of the Royal Children’s Hospital Health Services Research Unit and Group Leader, Health Services, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. Her research focuses on developing, testing and implementing novel approaches to keeping children out of hospital, reducing low value (wasteful) care, and integrating health, social and education services to improve health and wellbeing for children, including those living with family adversity. Professor Hiscock has a strong focus on translation beyond traditional methods, including: an infant sleep e- learning package for professionals MCRI Sleep podcast a sleep app designed to help parents manage common child behaviour problems her Infant Sleep program to 1,200 Victorian maternal and child health nurses, for which she was awarded the 2010 Early Years Minister’s Award for Partnerships with Families and Communities Professor Hiscock’s work informs content of the Raising Children Network Parenting site. Additionally she has co-authored a report which led to inclusion of a child mental health measure in the Victorian School Entry Health Questionnaire that enables earlier detection and management of child mental health problems. Professor Hiscock has recently launched – building on 2 decades of research, the website has a series of books that parents can read to kids – each one an evidence-based sleep strategy. also has a host of other resources including links to podcasts, a Sleep Quiz for parents to complete about their child, and sleep strategies for common behavioral sleep problems.

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