Series 3: Session 2 Project ECHO Adolescent Mental Health

Resilience building after a crisis

Presenter: Professor Sandra Radovini, Mindful Centre for Training and Research in Developmental Health, Dept of Psychiatry, University of Melbourne

In this series we are going to focus on strengthening some of the foundations of good mental health. Safety, Sleep, eating and relationships. In our last session Sandra explored the theme of mental health recovery and resilience and we asked the question: 

Who is presenting? 

What are they presenting with? 

What have been their experiences through the pandemic crisis? 

How might this have impacted upon normal development and how might we consider a management plan that helps them access recovery? 

In this session we’ll focus a little deeper on some of the things they may have missed out on and how we can build some of those internal resilience skills, capacities and behaviours. 

 Our case will focus on a young person who experienced many of the vulnerability and risk factors prior to the pandemic and is struggling to re-engage socially and academically and is even now in trouble with the law. We’ll be exploring how to build resilience in his life through appropriate support. 

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Recorded on Tuesday 7th June 2022

University of Melbourne ECHO Hub

Department of General Practice

Bianca Forrester (Facilitator)

Ann-Maree Duncan (ECHO Co-ordinators)

Bianca Forrester, audio production