Series 2: Session 6 Project ECHO Adolescent Mental Health

In our last session we discussed the context of families in the care and recovery of young people with mental health presentations.

Sandra described the continuum of caregiving and interventions to support families through their own struggles and the impact of crisis on caregiving.

In this session, we’ll be focusing on the group of young people living in out of home care.

Guest speaker and expert in this field, Dr Susan Webster, will highlight the needs of this group of young people and in our case based discussion we’ll consider how we as GPs and nurses in school clinics can best work to support this group made vulnerable through their caregiving and living arrangements.

Presenter: Dr Susan Webster, Honorary Research Fellow, Department of General Practice, Melbourne Medical School

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Recorded on Tuesday 19th October 2021

University of Melbourne ECHO Hub

Department of General Practice

Bianca Forrester (Facilitator)

Ann-Maree Duncan (ECHO Co-ordinators)

Bianca Forrester, audio production