Series 2: Session 5 Project ECHO Adolescent Mental Health

In our previous sessions we’ve discussed the impact of environmental stressors on the developing teen and the predisposing, precipitating, perpetuating and protective factors on the mental health of young people.

In this session we’ll take an occupation or perhaps functional approach to understanding teen presentations to the DiSS clinic and discuss the drivers and issues that lie behind a presentation of poor school attendance.

In this session, child and adolescent Psychiatrist, A/Prof Sandra Radovini describes the key presentations of poor school attendance, key areas of enquiry as part of a comprehensive assessment and provides some tips for team based management in the primary care and school setting.

Presenter: A/Prof Sandra Radovini, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Director of Mindful, University of Melbourne

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Recorded on Tuesday 5th October 2021

University of Melbourne ECHO Hub

Department of General Practice

Bianca Forrester (Facilitator)

Ann-Maree Duncan (ECHO Co-ordinators)

Bianca Forrester, audio production